Cake Flavors and Filling

Cake Flavors


Vanilla chiffon with swirls of devil's food

Vanilla Chiffon

White cake with pure vanilla

Devils Food

Chocolate lovers, this one is for you

Red Velvet

A Louisiana specialty, devil's food with swirls of red

Almond Pound Cake

Italian almond paste, orange zest and vanilla sugar

Spanish Vanilla

Italian almond paste, toasted almonds, lemon zest and dark chocolate shavings

Italian Cream

Texas style, pure vanilla pound cake with toasted pecans and coconut


Creamy Italian mascarpone cheese, lady fingers, chocolate shavings and our specialty espresso syrup

Carrot Cake

Traditional with carrots, walnuts and pineapple

Amaretto Slice

Almond pound cake made with pure almond paste and orange zest. The layers are then splashed with amaretto and layered with amaretto and chocolate amaretto mousse. This selection is complete with cake and filling

New York Style Cheese Cake

Eggs, Philadelphia cream cheese, pure vanilla and heavy cream. Made plain, espresso, white chocolate, and our specialty, cinnamon chip. Ask about our wild berry compote that can be passed at the table

Cake Icing Choices

Swiss Buttercreams

White Chocolate Glaze


Five Cheese Raviolis

Rolled Fondant

Dark Chocolate Glaze

The design possibilities are limitless. We offer clients a vast repertoire of truly world-class skills that stretch beyond the ordinary, to the level of world-class patisserie.

Cake Fillings

We pride ourselves on all of our designs and creations! Our fillings are the best and finest that you will ever taste. Our customers love the flavor combination we have to offer and the delicious designs we come up with. You can read customer testimonials throughout our site.

Remember, each tier of your cake will have 3 layers of filling and you can alternate throughout the tiers if you choose. Example, the bottom tier can be a vanilla chiffon cake with a vanilla Bavarian cream with fresh sliced strawberries. The next tier can be devil’s food cake with a chocolate mousse, and so on.

Filling Selections

Vanilla Bavarian

Rich and creamy pure vanilla mousse. This filling goes wonderful with any of our cakes and is versatile. Our most popular tier that guests choose to use this filling with is our white chiffon cake with vanilla Bavarian and fresh sliced strawberries

Chocolate Mousse

This rich dark chocolate mousse is made from egg yolks, imported chocolate, heavy cream, and sugar. We suggest using the devil’s food cake for chocoholics. This filling goes well with vanilla chiffon and marble cake. Add some fresh raspberry compote to be passed around the table

White Chocolate Mousse

A delicious Switzerland white chocolate combined with a Sabayon (sugar and cooked egg yolks) and cold fresh whipped cream. We layer this mousse with fresh curls of rich white chocolate. The result is a silky rich mousse with a slight crunch. We recommend this filling paired with our devil’s food cake with fresh raspberries

Chocolate Swirl

Vanilla Bavarian swirled with a chocolate mousse

Lemon Curd

Fresh squeezed lemon juice, vanilla, sugar, lemon zest, unsalted butter, and whole eggs. This filling is cooked then cooled and blended with vanilla Swiss buttercream. The result is a fresh, real lemon taste. We recommend choosing the white chiffon cake with fresh raspberries or sliced strawberries for a lovely combination

Passion Curd

This is made just like the lemon curd, except we substitute the lemon juice for passion fruit juice. This selection pairs well with the devil’s food cake and fresh raspberries

Cream Cheese

Whole unsalted butter, Philadelphia cream cheese, vanilla, and sugar. We use this as our carrot cake filling. Add a little touch of vinegar and you complete the traditional red velvet filling. For the Italian Cream Cake, we use the standard cream cheese filling in addition to an Italian hazelnut paste

Hazelnut Cream

Swiss buttercream, vanilla Bavarian, Italian espresso, and Italian hazelnut paste go into making this delicious filling. We highly recommend this filling with a marble cake

Swiss Buttercream

Vanilla, egg whites, sugar, and whole butter. We steam the sugar and egg whites until the sugar is dissolved. Then, we whip it until it turns into a marshmallow. Fresh butter is added in. The result is a rich, smooth, buttery taste. The Swiss buttercream is used as an off-white cake icing. Add in some fresh apricot jam for the Spanish vanilla cake

Chocolate Buttercream

Swiss buttercream with the addition of delicious melted dark chocolate. This filling goes nicely with marble cake, vanilla chiffon cake, Spanish vanilla, or devil’s food cake

German Chocolate

Eggs, condensed milk, toasted pecans, and shredded coconut. Use a devil’s food cake for a traditional German chocolate cake